Testimonials Namito

When we asked Namito about a few lines about himself, he said in particular:

“I hate the saying “cobbler stick to your last”, because for me that means standing still and playing it safe. But I rather live according to the motto: “No risk, no fun”.

When asked why he is a member of Collective.Berlin, he replied:

“I’ve been around the electronic music scene for over 30 years as a DJ and 25 years as a producer but I’ve just been missing innovation for a while: we keep rehashing the same thing and praising analog gear, vinyl is glorified as a landmark of quality and uniqueness. With NFTs at the beginning of the year, I finally got the feeling that something was happening that I hadn’t experienced a thousand times before, nor could I predict exactly where the journey was going. I find that exciting! Why I want to be part of the Berlin Collective actually has to do with the fact that I not only like the idea, but also find you likeable. Deal with it!”

Wer ist Namito?

Namito expresses himself creatively in a variety of ways. He is probably best known for his DJ sets and music productions under the name Namito. He has also produced many other artists such as Marc Romboy, Monika Kruse, Rainer Weichhold and last but not least the legendary Grandmaster Flash. 

But Namito is also passionate about painting, whether with oils, markers or digital, having undergone classical training in drawing and painting as a child in Iran. 

Was ist ein Seed Member?

Seed Members are experts in a field who help us foster an ecosystem for collaborations between creatives. 

Wir glauben daran, dass wir dies mit NFTs optimal abdecken können. Wir wissen aber auch dass wir dies nicht alleine tun sollten, sondern Experten aus unterschiedlichen Branchen benötigen, um ein optimales tokenbasiertes Ökosystem zu schaffen.
Unser Ziel ist es, ein System zu etablieren, welches zum einen Kollaborationen innerhalb, zum anderen aber auch das Ökosystem insgesamt fördert.